Bettina Bogar


Bettina lives behind the lens. As a commercial photographer and creative director, Bettina has passionately pursued the art of photography for over 10 years. She’s rooted in Toronto, but you can catch her finding the perfect light on the west coast and California’s best beaches. Her work has caught the attention of big name companies such as Lululemon, Airbnb, Porter Airlines – and now, Pressed.

PN: What does art and photography mean to you?

BB: I feel like I’m in my true element when I’m behind the camera and with my team. I always say set days are the best days. I strongly believe that my purpose in life is to reflect people’s true beauty right back to them with the skill that I was given: photography and art.

PN: What do you see behind the lens that other people don’t?

BB: I see shapes, forms, light, shadows, and beauty. A lot of beauty. The trick is to wait before you click until all the elements come together to form the perfect marriage.

PN: You left Hungary and moved to Canada six years ago. How did you make the leap?

BB: I came to Canada and almost immediately fell in love with the people and the energy here. I felt like I instantly found my creative freedom. It was something that began as an adventure, but quickly turned into the best chapter of my life. I still miss my family and friends in Hungary, and of course, the food.

PN: Tell us more about the website you started, One AnotHER. What was the motivation behind the creation of that brand?

BB: One AnotHER is inspired by women like my mum. She’s a true badass. She started her own business when she was just 18-years-old while expecting her first child (me! 🙋🏼). I truly admire her for pushing through so many obstacles while still providing the best life for me. That inspired me to create a space where I can feature women like her. Women making a change in the world. Their stories need to be seen. The best part about One AnotHER is that women can nominate each other. We all work towards creating a world where our efforts can be recognized, equally.

PN: What do you value and love the most in your career and personal life?

BB: Quality over quantity is key for me. I will always value that. It’s why I’m so picky with the way I shoot, what I shoot, and who I work with. The same applies to how I spend my free time, the places I visit, and the relationships I nurture. Things I love: DOGS! I have two and really want a third. Travelling, yoga, stand up paddle boarding, Kendrick Lamar. Interesting mix, isn’t it?

PN: What are some of your challenges as a female entrepreneur?

BB: Well, being a blonde, Eastern European female with an accent often leads to misconceptions that I’m not qualified to do what I’m doing. Even in 2018, women have to work 10 times as hard to prove they have what it takes. That’s a challenge that I continue to work with.

PN: You’ve worked with some big brands like Lululemon and Cadillac Fairview. Were you actively pursuing big opportunities?

BB: These super cool gigs always happen so fast. If someone had told me back in 2012 when I moved to Toronto that in a short amount of time I would be shooting for brands like Rogers, Tim Hortons, and Porter within the same week (yes, that actually happened), I wouldn’t have believed them. And yet, there I was running from one assignment to another. I feel grateful for these cool opportunities. A lot of hard work and detail goes into creating opportunities. But it’s also about service. You can’t just do something carelessly. Providing really high-quality work, never missing a deadline, and listening to your clients is very important. And the luck factor: being at the right place at the right time.

PN: What’s something you’re working towards that you haven’t done yet?

BB: Don’t even get me started on this. I set monthly and yearly goals. I have pictures of dream clients and destinations scattered around my house. I want to manifest these dreams into goals. What is the point of life without goals? It’s like driving your car without knowing where you’re going. Just turn on your GPS. That’s what goals are for me. Looking back, I always found so much more joy in the actual journey vs. achieving the goals. So, to come back to it. I have plenty of goals for myself including growing as a person, business, artist and a woman.