Mimi Boyer


Mimi is the Founder of Happy on Mondays, a movement created to inspire people to choose happiness as a lifestyle; a global community of Monday lovers. 

PN: Why is being Happy on Mondays important to you? So important that you started a movement around it?

MB: As a kid, I was always very social, bubbly, and naturally happy. I always thought I’d do amazing things, bring crazy ideas to the world, and do something truly special with my life. When I realized my career was dimming my inner light, I knew I had to do something about it. I knew I could become much more, truly be the best version of myself, and achieve incredible things if I decided to. I got to a point where I hated Mondays and was living only for the weekends. So many people are in the same situation, just going through the motions of the workweek. I believe we should all be happy 7 days of the week! We only have one life to live so we need to take advantage of it now. I am starting this movement to inspire people to change their mindsets towards work. I want them to choose happiness as a lifestyle. I believe this can improve their life dramatically and make the world a better place.

PN: What do you want people to know about Happy on Mondays? Do you see it evolving beyond a monthly event?

MB: Happy on Mondays is a movement to inspire people to do what they’re truly passionate about. It’s about reinventing your relationship with work and making it your lifestyle. It’s about finding a balance that allows you to be truly fulfilled by what you’re building. And it’s not just about entrepreneurship, as that life is certainly not for everyone. I started a Monday morning meetup series with the goal of igniting a spark in people to start asking themselves the right questions. Are they living their best life!? The first event was a success so I am now continuing with my second one coming up on May 14th. I want to have chapters in different cities around the world that host meetups and create this global community of Monday lovers. I am starting to search for people to join the team based in Montreal so they can start the chapter there. In addition to the meetups, I am planning to grow an online platform with tools and content on how to find your purpose, realign your life, and build your personal brand.

PN: What do you value and love the most in your career and personal life?

MB: I personally believe that self-awareness is the best thing that ever happened to me. That journey of soul-searching was the most profitable time of my life. I finally got to know myself and started taking steps toward becoming the best version of myself. Now that I have clarity in where I’m going, I’ve been able to accomplish so much in so little time. I gained my energy back and now I’m sharing it with hundreds of people. I feel alive like never before. The conclusion of this is: we all need to stay true to ourselves in our career and personal lives. What I value most in my career and personal life is recognizing and igniting that spark – so that people become the best versions of themselves. The impact I want to have on people’s life is major. I want to help them live a happier life. I want people to know that they are all unique, they should never try to be someone else, they should get to know themselves really damn well, and take that magic inside them and make it shine like there’s no tomorrow.

PN: Who is someone that inspires you and why?

MB: Marie Forleo inspires me as she has a funny/bubbly approach, while giving insightful advice to her audience on how to start a business of their own. She is a true #Girlboss and doesn’t care what people think of her, she just does what she likes to do. I love the personal brand she was able to build and she gives me hope that I can really create whatever it is that I want to create. When I listen to her podcast or show, I feel empowered.

PN: You left a stable and lucrative job in sales. Why? And what are some pros and cons to working for yourself?

MB: I hit rock bottom last July on a plane travelling for work on a Sunday. I had a major “ah ha moment” as I was reading a book talking about life purpose and meaningful work. I realized I had a job I hated, a boss that couldn’t even say hi to me in the morning, and I was selling products I don’t believe in. I spent 6 years (completely asleep) climbing the steps of the corporate world very successfully, mimicking exactly what I needed to do to be successful. I never stopped to ask myself WHY? Why did I want this promotion? Why did I want to work in this company? Why was I seeking more responsibilities? Why more money? Why was I doing this? So, I ended up, last July, at 27-years-old, completely lost and unhappy professionally. I was living only to get to the weekends, where I spent an incredible amount of money at restaurants and on clothing to numb the pain of my workweek. Then, I’d go back to work on Monday even more hooked on my salary because now I needed to keep up with my expenses. I was stuck in the bad cycle of un-fulfilment. After landing from that plane ride, I knew there was no turning back. I was going to do whatever it takes to get my inner fire back. Since I started figuring out my business and getting to know myself at the same time, I was able to grow like never before. I am opening doors on my own terms and pushing myself out of my comfort zone. The pros are definitely around personal growth, motivation to do what I love the most, pride of building something on my own, and being able to connect with some amazing humans. The cons for me are the pressure I put on myself to achieve something amazing and the financial stress of not having a safe and regular income.

PN: What’s something you’re working towards that you haven’t done yet?

MB: I am getting asked to speak at different events. Public speaking is something I never did in the past but always intrigued me. Now that I feel like I really have something meaningful to say, I’ve been practicing more and more. I love the feeling I get after being on stage, this rush of adrenaline is incredible. I am working towards being able to speak at a TEDx event one day! I’m also interested in growing my social presence by building an online platform where I can share advice, tools, and content about finding your purpose, getting to know yourself, and building your personal brand.