A Very Pressed Holiday



A Gift Guide to help you make good gift-giving choices. It’s made up of things we love (hint hint) together with some Canadian partners we kind of have a thing for. Show them some love below because without them we wouldn’t be able to send you the news you need to know every day.

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For the Fashionista:

Trend-spotters, pay attention.

Brands Avenue

Watches, and pendants, and earrings, oh my! For the stylish gal in your life, check out some truly unique pieces that are foolproof attention grabbers.

Use code: Pressed to get: 25% off anything online.



That pants/shoe gap isn’t going away anytime soon, so why not help the fashionable man in your life show off some truly great socks. With a gift box of 4, he’ll be set for every day of the week–since casual Fridays are meant for chinos ;).


Stocking Stuffers:

Little gifts with a lot of thought.



Have a pal who’s been talking about getting a tattoo but can’t commit to the needle? Give them the gift of a semi-permanent tattoo that looks like the real thing but washes off in 8-18 days.

Use code: pressed20 to get: 20% off.




Having long hair is a blessing and a curse. Styling can take forever, and then you’ve got to wash it out and start all over again. Ponydry keeps your ponytail dry so that you can wash just your scalp for super easy styling. Anything that makes that morning routine quicker is an A+ in our books.

Use code: Pressed to get: 20% off.




Stevie + Bean

Calgary-based Stevie & Bean have a pretty gorgeous collection of inspirational notepads and planners that would be a welcome addition to any one’s stocking–as long as they don’t mind the swears. “Another F*cking List” and “Sh!t I did NOT DO Yesterday” are just a couple of our favourites. 

Shop at: Etsy to support: one of Pressed’s very own writers.



For the Bibliophile:

We may be biased, but reading makes the world go ‘round.

Pick a Worthy Cause in Their Name:

Gifts are great, but helping others can mean so much more.


Redemption Paws

For the pet lover in your life, give them something that gives back to those doing super jobs saving and homing dogs.

Redemption Paws is a Canadian registered not-for-profit helping dogs and rescue organizations in the face of natural disasters. They’ve got a calendar of Hurricane Harvey rescues to supplement your donation.

To donate: buy a calendar



Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Canada

Mentorship has positively changed the lives of over 40,000 youth throughout Canada. Supporting these caring caseworkers is something that Pressed personally cares about, and your donation will help them keep running programs and workshops that truly impact the lives of children.

To donate: send an ecard 


Amazon to the Rescue:

Trending now.

Amazon Alexa

Amazon finally started selling and shipping its voice-activated digital assistant, Alexa, to Canadians. Want her to read you Pressed News? Yep, we have a “skill” – just click the enable button and you’re all set. She can also order pizza and tell you the weather. Check out the Amazon Echo, the Echo Dot, or the Echo Plus.


Dinner in an Instant: 75 Modern Recipes for your Pressure Cooker, Multicooker, and Instant Pot

Instant Pots are all the rage right now. Not only are they super simple to use, but then you’ve got dinner in about 30 minutes. Little mess, little prep, big tasty reward. For the Instant Pot obsessed pal in your life, get them this cookbook and ask only for a dinner invite in return. Instant Pot beginner? Here’s the pot.



Know someone who is constantly losing their keys? Their purse? Their phone? Simply clicking the Tile app or Tile itself will make the connected tile (or phone) ring, so you can hear your lost item from across the room. We’ll take 5 please.


Cinematic Light Box

That Instagrammable desk setup is incomplete without one of these cinematic light boxes. It comes complete with 90 letters, including emoji, for truly personalized messages.  


Amazon Prime Subscription

We all know that one person who just buys everything online. Need candles? Amazon. Need diapers? Amazon. Well, give them the gift that keeps the parcels coming year-round. Amazon Prime is $79 for a full year of super fast, free shipping. Plus a number of other added benefits to sweeten the deal. Get it here.


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